Commit 5a15e3ae authored by Sreekanth Arikatla's avatar Sreekanth Arikatla
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Merge branch 'fixCompileError' into 'master'

BUG: Fixed compile error

See merge request !211
parents 0ed65feb e181c950
......@@ -208,7 +208,9 @@ VTKCustomPolyDataMapper::SetMapperShaderParameters(
if (this->GetOpenGLMode(actor->GetProperty()->GetRepresentation(), helper.PrimitiveType) == GL_TRIANGLES)
auto diffuseColorTemp = material->getDiffuseColor();
float diffuseColor[3] = {diffuseColorTemp.r, diffuseColorTemp.g, diffuseColorTemp.b};
float diffuseColor[3] = {(float)diffuseColorTemp.r,
helper.Program->SetUniform3f("diffuseColorUniform", diffuseColor);
auto diffuseTexture = material->getTexture(Texture::DIFFUSE);
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