Commit 4882a321 authored by Alexis Girault's avatar Alexis Girault

Merge branch 'fix-config-file' into 'master'

COMP: Allow build of projects depending on iMSTK updating the config file

See merge request iMSTK/iMSTK!241
parents fcfe360e dccc0e0a
......@@ -10,13 +10,28 @@ list(INSERT CMAKE_MODULE_PATH 0 "${iMSTK_SOURCE_DIR}/CMake")
# iMSTK settings
set(iMSTK_USE_Vulkan @iMSTK_USE_Vulkan@)
set(VegaFEM_DIR @VegaFEM_DIR@)
# Assimp
find_package( Assimp REQUIRED )
# g3log
find_package( g3log REQUIRED )
include_directories( ${g3log_INCLUDE_DIR} )
# glm
find_package( glm REQUIRED )
# glfw
find_package( glfw REQUIRED )
# gli
find_package( gli REQUIRED )
# Eigen
find_package( Eigen 3.1.2 REQUIRED )
include_directories( ${Eigen_INCLUDE_DIR} )
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