Commit 255b5571 authored by jcfr's avatar jcfr

COMP: Update main CMakeLists.txt to include TCL/KWWidgets code only if required.

Three different sets of parameters are now available:
  1) Slicer3_USE_KWIDGETS:ON (default)  and  Slicer3_USE_QT:OFF (default)
  2) Slicer3_USE_KWIDGETS:ON (default)  and  Slicer3_USE_QT:ON
  3) Slicer3_USE_KWIDGETS:OFF (default)  and  Slicer3_USE_QT:ON

   - if Slicer3_USE_KWIDGETS is OFF
         * Unset the Slicer3_INSTALL_MODULES_* variables
         * Exclude FIND_PACKAGE(KWWidgets REQUIRED)
   - if Slicer3_USE_KWIDGETS is ON
         * SKIP_KWWidgets_BUILD_SETTINGS_FILE set to 1
   - Complain if both Slicer3_USE_QT and Slicer3_USE_KWWIDGETS are OFF
   - Complain if Slicer3_USE_QT is ON, Slicer3_USE_KWWIDGETS is OFF and if VTK_WRAP_TCL is ON
   - All TCL specific code is included only if VTK_WRAP_TCL is ON

git-svn-id: 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee
parent f590b0ed
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