1. 04 Oct, 2013 2 commits
  2. 03 Oct, 2013 14 commits
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  4. 01 Oct, 2013 18 commits
  5. 25 Sep, 2013 3 commits
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      COMP: Update ITKv4 project · bd7f5ac1
      jcfr authored
      $ git shortlog a8429da..97a08e0
      Matthew McCormick (3):
            BUG: Enable MRC IO in UseITK whenever the ITKReview module is enabled.
            Merge branch 'MRC-UseITK' into release
            COMP: Fix NIFTI CMake variable separation warning.
      From: jcfr <jcfr@3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee>
      git-svn-id: http://svn.slicer.org/Slicer4/branches/Slicer-4-3@22522 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee
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      BUG: Explicitly tell the user if extensions can't be installed · d045e892
      jcfr authored
      In case either the Slicer settings file or, the extensions install
      directory are not readable/writable, a nicely formatted message will
      be displayed to the user instead of the app-store page,
      Note that the associated messages are also logged.
      Fixes #3179
      From: jcfr <jcfr@3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee>
      git-svn-id: http://svn.slicer.org/Slicer4/branches/Slicer-4-3@22520 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee
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      BUG: Fix compile error introduced when backporting fix for MGH origin issue · d4dea3f1
      jcfr authored
      The compile issue hasn't been detected earlier because only a visual check
      between the original patch (Slicer/itkMGHImageIO@13f5e11ef) and
      the back-ported one has been done (r22485).
      This commit fixes the build issue and also confirm that the associated
      Slicer tests now pass:
      // --------------
      Start 545: py_nomainwindow_test_slicer_mgh
      test_saveShortCompressedNode (test_slicer_mgh.SlicerUtilLoadSaveMGHTests) ... ok
      test_saveUnCompressedNode (test_slicer_mgh.SlicerUtilLoadSaveMGHTests) ... ok
      // --------------
      From: jcfr <jcfr@3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee>
      git-svn-id: http://svn.slicer.org/Slicer4/branches/Slicer-4-3@22519 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee