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      ENH: Redesign ModifiedSinceRead · be2d5e78
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      ModifiedSinceRead can no longer be set externally, it's the nodes themselves that computes it based on the last time the data was stored and on the modifications.
      ModifiedSinceRead is no longer a vtkMRMLNode property but a vtkMRMLStorableNode property.
      The storage nodes have been cleaned-up (factorized) in the process.
      At exit time, the scene is checked to see if it has been modified or if its storable nodes have been modified since read/write.
      Some other changes:
      Removed vtkMRMLModelNode::GetDefaultWriteFileExtension() it is a duplicate from vtkMRMLModelStorageNdoe::GetDefaultWriteFileExtension()
      Removed vtkMRMLColorNode::AddColorName() as it is not used and increase code complexity
      Removed vtkMRMLAnnotation*StorageNode::WriteData(vtkMRMLNode* refNode) as it was doing the same than vtkMRMLAnnotationStorageNode::WriteData(vtkMRMLNode* refNode)
      Remaining issues:
      The check on the modified scene is not perfect and can be fine tuned.
      The loading of annotations are marking the nodes as ModifiedSinceRead but it shouldn't.
      The loading of a vtkMRMLVolumePropertyNode from within a scene load incorrectly marks the node as ModifiedSinceRead
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