Commit f6f4140a authored by Johan Andruejol's avatar Johan Andruejol
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BUG: DicomWidgets - Do not assume that the extensions manager exists

Since Slicer may not be built with the extension manager enabled,
qSlicerCoreApplication::extentionsManagerModel may not exists (it's
surrounded by #ifdef Slicer_BUILD_EXTENSIONMANAGER_SUPPORT). If it doesn't
exist we can skip checking for extensions.
parent 3022a423
......@@ -420,6 +420,9 @@ class DICOMDetailsBase(VTKObservationMixin, SizePositionSettingsMixin):
# Prompting for extension may be undesirable in custom applications.
# DICOM/PromptForExtensions key can be used to disable this feature.
promptForExtensionsEnabled = settingsValue('DICOM/PromptForExtensions', True, converter=toBool)
if not hasattr(, 'extensionsManagerModel'):
# Slicer may not be built with an extension manager
promptForExtensionsEnabled = False
if promptForExtensionsEnabled:
self.extensionCheckPending = False
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