Commit a690b45c authored by jcfr's avatar jcfr
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BUG: Update VTK to fix vtkOpenVRRenderWindow issue when TrackHMD set to false

See vtk/vtk!5268
and vtk/vtk#17546

List of VTK changes:

$ git shortlog 0c356e1d78..11da9474b0 --no-merges
Adam Rankin (4):
      [backport] Fix incorrect disabling of rendering when TrackHMD=false
      [backport] Integrate Ken Martin's comment into vtkOpenVRRenderWindow.cxx
      [backport] Undoing formatting changes
      [backport] Further formatting fix

git-svn-id: 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee
parent 772b0a0c
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ set(_git_tag)
set(_git_tag "43f6ee36f6e28c8347768bd97df4d767da6b4ce7")
elseif("${Slicer_VTK_VERSION_MAJOR}" STREQUAL "8")
set(_git_tag "0c356e1d78dc826c1c46a1adcbb09f23c9fcedfa")
set(_git_tag "11da9474b07cf0a1106237974d96dab42bf1a716")
message(FATAL_ERROR "error: Unsupported Slicer_VTK_VERSION_MAJOR: ${Slicer_VTK_VERSION_MAJOR}")
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