Commit 8b173319 authored by pieper's avatar pieper
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ENH: remove the disclaimer about missing functionality

git-svn-id: 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee
parent d6ce659d
......@@ -76,10 +76,7 @@ void popupDisclaimerDialog(void * data)
if (!qSlicerCoreApplication::testAttribute(qSlicerCoreApplication::AA_EnableTesting))
QString message = QString("Thank you for trying %1!\n\n"
"Please be aware that this software is under active "
"development and has not been tested for accuracy. "
"Many important features are still missing.\n\n"
QString message = QString("Thank you for using %1!\n\n"
"This software is not intended for clinical use.")
.arg(QString("3D Slicer ") + Slicer_VERSION_FULL);
QMessageBox::information(reinterpret_cast<qSlicerMainWindow*>(data), "3D Slicer", message);
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