Commit 0d7b9aee authored by lassoan's avatar lassoan
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BUG: Fix crash after shutdown on mac/linux

Co-authored-by: Davide Punzo's avatarDavide Punzo <>

git-svn-id: 3bd1e089-480b-0410-8dfb-8563597acbee
parent 49d82509
......@@ -265,7 +265,10 @@ class ScriptedLoadableModuleLogic():
This method can be overridden in derived classes to create a default parameter node with all
parameter values set to their default.
node = slicer.vtkMRMLScriptedModuleNode()
if slicer.mrmlScene is None:
node = slicer.mrmlScene.CreateNodeByClass("vtkMRMLScriptedModuleNode")
if self.isSingletonParameterNode:
node.SetSingletonTag( self.moduleName )
# Add module name in an attribute to allow filtering in node selector widgets
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