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      Fix bug in trasformation applied to mesh. · f06ae152
      Ricardo Ortiz authored
      Relocate utility scripts.
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      Add developer utilities. · c647f4ab
      Brad King authored
      Add LICENSE and NOTICE
      Add 'tips' script to suggest local configuration
      Add 'setup-user' script to configure authorship information
      Prompt the user to configure user.name and user.email interactively.
      Add 'setup-hooks' script to install local hooks
      Fetch the hooks right out of the local clone if possible.  Otherwise
      fall back to a project-configured remote repository.
      Add 'setup-gerrit' script to configure Gerrit access
      Interactively prompt the user with Gerrit setup instructions.
      Add 'setup-stage' script to configure topic stage remote
      Add 'setup-ssh' script to configure ssh push access
      Interactively prompt the user for ~/.ssh/config setup.
      Add README instructions and sample configuration
      Exclude from source archives files specific to Git work tree
      Add the "export-ignore" attribute to all such files.  Remove the
      suggestion from the README since this should not be a responsibility
      of the including project.
      setup-stage: Optionally reconfigure topic stage
      When the topic stage has already been configured present the current
      configuration and prompt for optional reconfiguration.  While at it,
      make the topic stage remote name configurable by the project.
      setup-gerrit: Allow ssh-only repo URLs
      Honor the $username placeholder in the 'gerrit.url' configuration value.
      Configure a separate pushurl only if it is different from the main url.
      setup-stage: Allow 'url' without 'pushurl'
      Configure a separate pushurl only if it is different from the main url.
      Tell Git how to check GitSetup config files
      Add a .gitattributes line to match both "config.sample" and any config
      file added by the containing project.
      Add 'git-gerrit-push' script
      Add a script implementing our standard "git gerrit-push" alias.  When
      invoked, first check that the current branch is a named topic.  Then
      fetch 'master' from the 'gerrit' remote repository so the local
      repository can compute a minimal pack to push.  Finally, push the topic
      to the 'gerrit' remote as "refs/for/master/$topic".
      setup-hooks: Create .git hooks directory if necessary
      If for some reason the .git/hooks directory is removed or never created,
      be sure to create the directory before trying to enter it.
      Suggested-by: Michka Popoff's avatarMichka Popoff <michkapopoff@gmail.com>
      git-gerrit-push: Refine topic name validation
      Use bash features instead of 'sed'.
      git-gerrit-push: Append topic to refspecs instead of overwriting
      Other logic may later be added to add more refspecs.
      git-gerrit-push: Avoid bash history expansion
      Protect '!' characters in single quotes.
      git-gerrit-push: Fetch 'master' before checking refspecs
      Fetch 'master' before deciding if there are no refspecs because later
      changes may use 'master' to compute more refspecs.
      Add 'setup-upstream' script to help users configure preferred upstream
      Interactively prompt the user based on their current configuration
      to ask about using the preferred upstream configuration.
      Add 'setup-gitlab' script to configure GitLab access
      Interactively prompt the user with GitLab setup instructions.
      Base the script on 'setup-gerrit'.
      Add 'git-gitlab-push' script to help users push to their GitLab fork
      Copy the 'git-gerrit-push' script and change the default remote name.
      Also change the topic push refspec to force-push a real branch instead
      of the Gerrit "for/" namespace.
      git-gitlab-push: Print follow-up instructions and links for user
      If the user pushes to the expected GitLab repository, extract their
      username and use it to print URLs useful for them to follow up in
      git-gitlab-push: Keep user fork 'master' up to date if possible
      git-gitlab-push: Document options on multiple lines in usage
      This will allow a longer total set of options without long lines.
      git-gitlab-push: Require a '--force' option to force-push the topic
      Do not allow users to risk losing work by default.  Our workflow does
      not involve pulling first to avoid a non-fast-forward, so hide any such
      advice that Git may generate.  Instead add our own advice.
      setup-upstream: Tolerate lack of existing upstream pushurl
      The 'git config --unset' command returns non-zero if the value is not
      present.  This causes the script to exit with a silent error.  Check for
      a value before trying to unset it, and then warn if unsetting fails, but
      never consider the case an error.
      git-gitlab-push: add source_branch to the "create an MR" url