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......@@ -10,10 +10,15 @@ See [the SC18 program](
The [course materials](
will soon be available here:
+ Slides (PDF, 57 MB)
+ Virtual machine disk image (TBD)
+ [Slides (PDF, 57 MB)](
+ Virtual machine disk image (coming soon)
The disk image is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and can be used with VirtualBox to try SENSEI out
without having to build it yourself.
However, once you decide to use it with your simulation,
you should build it yourself to avoid the overhead of a virtual machine.
Finally, if you are attending the tutorial at Supercomputing,
we will also have temporary accounts and a small reservation set up on
[Cori @ NERSC, a real supercomputer,](
that you can use to try out SENSEI during the tutorial!
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