Commit 513e2147 authored by Burlen Loring's avatar Burlen Loring

Merge branch 'amr_writer_updates' into 'master'

let amr writer write everything

See merge request !132
parents c605aed0 062e59cb
......@@ -784,11 +784,9 @@ int ConfigurableAnalysis::InternalsType::AddVTKAmrWriter(pugi::xml_node node)
DataRequirements req;
if (req.Initialize(node) ||
(req.GetNumberOfRequiredMeshes() < 1))
if (req.Initialize(node))
SENSEI_ERROR("Failed to initialize VTKAmrWriter. "
"At least one mesh is required")
SENSEI_ERROR("Failed to initialize VTKAmrWriter.")
return -1;
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