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Merge branch 'website-gallery' into 'master'

Add a gallery of images.

See merge request !138
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......@@ -49,9 +49,47 @@ ul#intro-feature-list
a(href="/learn-more/index.html", id="intro-get-started-link") Learn more
alt="ParaView/Catalyst on 256,000 processes on Mira"
style="width: 100%;")
p.intro-feature-desc ParaView/Catalyst on 256,000 processes on Mira.
b About this image:  
span.caption ParaView/Catalyst on 256,000 processes on Mira.
function getRandomInt(min, max) {
min = Math.ceil(min);
max = Math.floor(max);
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min;
var imgdiv = document.querySelector('div#gallery');
var imgele = imgdiv.querySelector('img');
var imgcap = imgdiv.querySelector('span.caption');
var images = [
{ url: '',
caption: 'ParaView/Catalyst on 256,000 processes on Mira.' },
{ url: '',
caption: 'A WAKE3D simulation of airflow around ships.' },
{ url: '',
caption: 'Interactive in transit visualization of a 172k atom simulation of silicene formation with 128 LAMMPS ranks sending to 16 renderer ranks, all executed on Theta at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. OSPRay is used as the rendering engine.' },
{ url: '',
caption: 'A Nek5000 simulation instrumented with SENSEI to render via libSim.' },
{ url: '',
caption: 'Downstream cross flow cut-planes at various positions of the NREL WindPACT-1.5MW wid turbine.' },
{ url: '',
caption: 'An iso-contour of the velocity magnitude demonstrating the vortex structure evolution of the NREL WindPACT-1.5WM wind turbine. The data extract were creating using in-situ in Libsim, and the data was post-processed using VisIt.' },
{ url: '',
caption: 'Ghost cell information can be requested so isocontouring and other operations are rendered properly.' },
{ url: '',
caption: 'In situ rendering of the AMReX advection mini-app running on Cori. The Python based analysis code uses Yt, a popular AMR aware rendering suite written exclusively in Python.' }
var imageIdx = getRandomInt(1, images.length);
function nextImage() {
imageIdxDelta = getRandomInt(1, images.length);
imageIdx = (imageIdx + imageIdxDelta) % images.length;
imgele.setAttribute('src', images[imageIdx].url);
imgcap.innerText = images[imageIdx].caption;
var timerId = setInterval(nextImage, 8000);
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