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    Added analysis that leverages VTK-m for isosurfacing. · eba51c74
    Berk Geveci authored
    Added VTKmContourAnalysis which leverages VTK-m for isosurfacing.
    Currently, this analysis works only with the oscillators mini-app
    but could be relatively easily adapted to others (minus the part
    that generates ghost levels).
    VTKmContourAnalysis also leverage DIY to exchange ghost cells.
    This is needed because the oscillators miniapp generates cell
    data. To remove boundary artifacts, 2 layers of ghost cells are
    exchanged - one for point centered isosurfacing, the other for
    calculating normals.
    Note: There is currently a minor issue with the way VTK-m
    generates iso-surfaces. It does not preserve cell data, which
    is necessary to mark ghost arrays in the output polydata. This
    leads to the visualization of overlapping cells when the output
    is displayed. This will be fixed in the future.
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