Commit 77a1f63f authored by Yohann Bearzi's avatar Yohann Bearzi

now vtkMath::Distance2BeetweenPoints range aware

parent 1b84a44d
......@@ -521,6 +521,27 @@ public:
static bool ProjectVector2D(const double a[2], const double b[2], double projection[2]);
* Compute distance squared between two points p1 and p2.
* This version allows for custom range and iterator types to be used. These
* types must implement `operator[]`, and at least one of them must have
* a `value_type` typedef.
* The first template parameter `ReturnTypeT` sets the return type of this method.
* By default, it is set to `double`, but it can be overridden.
* The `EnableT` template parameter is used to make sure that this version
* doesn't capture the `float*`, `float[]`, `double*`, `double[]` as
* those should go to the other `Distance2BetweenPoints` functions.
* @warning This method assumes that both parameters have 3 components.
template <typename ReturnTypeT = double, typename TupleRangeT1, typename TupleRangeT2,
typename EnableT = typename std::conditional<!std::is_pointer<TupleRangeT1>::value &&
TupleRangeT1, TupleRangeT2>::type::value_type>
static ReturnTypeT Distance2BetweenPoints(const TupleRangeT1& p1, const TupleRangeT2& p2);
* Compute distance squared between two points p1 and p2.
* (float version).
......@@ -1436,6 +1457,14 @@ inline double vtkMath::Distance2BetweenPoints(const double p1[3], const double p
(p1[2] - p2[2]) * (p1[2] - p2[2]));
template <typename ReturnTypeT, typename TupleRangeT1, typename TupleRangeT2, typename EnableT>
inline ReturnTypeT vtkMath::Distance2BetweenPoints(const TupleRangeT1& p1, const TupleRangeT2& p2)
return ((p1[0] - p2[0]) * (p1[0] - p2[0]) + (p1[1] - p2[1]) * (p1[1] - p2[1]) +
(p1[2] - p2[2]) * (p1[2] - p2[2]));
// Cross product of two 3-vectors. Result (a x b) is stored in c[3].
inline void vtkMath::Cross(const float a[3], const float b[3], float c[3])
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