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    Add new GL2PS testing system using ghostscript. · 870dd114
    David C. Lonie authored
    This commit replaces the md5sum based GL2PS tests, which were
    unreliable across GL implementations and difficult to maintain,
    with a ghost script based approach.
    Testing is performed as follows:
    1) The unit tests generate a post script file
    2) A CMake script, CMake/RasterizePostScript.cmake is called, which
       runs ghostscript to rasterize the postscript file into a png image.
    3) A PNGCompare test is called, which uses new API in vtkTesting to
       read the png file back in and perform a fuzzy image diff. PNGCompare
       lives in the Rendering/GL2PS module.
    Change-Id: I0e99b903512166741fe572ce417c1d0d480c34cd
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