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    Update vtkGL2PSExporter, add Rendering/GL2PS module · 82e58fc1
    David C. Lonie authored
    * Fixed bitmap rasterization.
    * Added ability to exclude specific 3D props from the rasterization
      process, if enabled.
    * Improved support for text rendering.
    * Added method to vtkRenderWindow to collect all visible
      vtkActor2D objects that are vtk[Math]TextActors or use a
    * Add support for Context2D drawings
    * Add CMake/CompareFileMD5.cmake script to compare postscript files
    * Remove old GL2PSExporter python test
    * Modify gl2ps sources to disable writing timestamps (prevents
      useful MD5 hashing for regression tests)
    * A static string is used as the image title by default.
    * Add vtkGL2PSUtilities, a collection of static functions that
      interact with GL2PS to render vtk objects.
    * Add a gl2psGetFileFormat() function to the bundled gl2ps library.
    Change-Id: Ia6fafc8e4d0a49bd9fdbecf32f43925a0aab7050
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