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    Restore ability to scale gl2ps linewidth/pointsize. · 6643a930
    David C. Lonie authored
    The functions:
    static void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetGlobalLineWidthFactor(float);
    static void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetGlobalPointSizeFactor(float);
    were removed during the GL2PS rewrite. This patch restores the
    functionality by adding LineWidthFactor and PointSizeFactor ivars to
    vtkGL2PSExporter and the associated setters:
    void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetLineWidthFactor(float)
    void vtkGL2PSExporter::SetPointSizeFactor(float)
    These attributes are specific to the vtkGL2PSExporter instances, while
    the old implementation stored them in global variables.
    A vtkOpenGLGL2PSHelper is added to RenderingOpenGL that fakes the
    GL2PS function calls needed to update line width, point size, and
    stipple state. The public static methods are called from the rendering
    code when the GL state is changed to inform GL2PS of the change. The
    vtkOpenGLGL2PSHelper class is used to update GL2PS without introducing
    a dependency on vtkgl2ps to vtkRenderingOpenGL.
    The TestContextGL2PS unit test is modified to ensure that 1.0 scaling
    factors are used.
    The vtkGL2PSContextDevice::StippleOn was not used, and is removed in
    this commit.
    Change-Id: Ia367211848f69ffdb093fceeb9baa029435a20d0
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