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    Use MCDCMatrix in shaders · 2577188a
    Ken Martin authored
    A few changes here. The motivation is to support using the MCDCMatrix
    in the vertex shader where possible. This has the advantage of
    performing the MCVC x VCDC multiplication in double precision
    on the CPU as opposed to float precision on the shader. This fixes
    a couple test failures.
    Along with that change cleanup a bit how we determine what uniforms
    to set. There were some uniforms being set when they did not exist
    in the program. Provided a more general approach for passing that
    type of information between the code that builds the shader program
    and the code that sets the uniforms.
    Add a substitute helper function that does the same job as replace
    but returns a bool if a replacement was made. Also operates on
    the source string by reference.
    make a more generic way for texture units to be passed to a mapper.
    Cleaned up some long lines to be shorter.
    Change-Id: I7f8cbc4892e57cd4c3bed11d497940d1f2a7c63b
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