1. 13 Mar, 2009 2 commits
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      ENH: QtView class cleanup. · f60dee46
      Jeff Baumes authored
       - ENH: The adapter now handles vtk/qt selection conversion.
       - ENH: Removed lots of 'maps'
       - COMP: Fix ambiguous calls to createIndex by casting vtkIdType to int.
       - BUG: Fixing an over aggressive error message.
       - COMP: Use new selection conversion api in vtkQtAbstractModelAdapter.
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      ENH: Qt view re-architecting. · 92f9c0f6
      Jeff Baumes authored
      Use vtkQtView as a base class for all vtkQtXXXViews.
       - Add record and column views types.
       - Update examples that use qt views.
       - Update paraview bar chart to use the new API.
       - Update OverView plugins that use qt views.
       - Update test using qt views.
       - Changing GetChartWidget to GetWidget.
       - Adding stubs for getting chart options for stacked chart and
         statistical box plot.
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