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      ENH: Renamed zlib, png, jpeg, tiff, and expat directories in the Utilities... · 93005125
      Brad King authored
      ENH: Renamed zlib, png, jpeg, tiff, and expat directories in the Utilities directory to vtkzlib, vtkpng, vtkjpeg, vtktiff, and vtkexpat respectively.  Adjusted the include structure so that code includes vtk_zlib.h and automatically gets the version of zlib used by VTK (and similarly for the other libraries).  Along with the recent name mangling changes, this now completely isolates VTK's version of these libraries and avoids conflict with system versions or versions in other toolkits.
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      ENH: Three sweeping changes. · 12947cd1
      Brad King authored
      1.) vtkTypeRevisionMacro is now used in all VTK classes in place of
          vtkTypeMacro.  It invokes the original vtkTypeMacro and then adds
          a protected CollectRevisions method for future use in serialization.
          A corresponding vtkCxxRevisionMacro has been added to every .cxx file
          to implement the CollectRevisions method for each class.  This will
          allow collection of every class revision at run time.  Any new VTK class
          should use vtkTypeRevisionMacro instead of vtkTypeMacro.  The .cxx
          implementation should then have the following line:
            vtkCxxRevisionMacro(vtkFoo, "$Revision: 1.1 $");
          CVS should insert the correct revision number when the class is commited.
      2.) vtkTypeMacro now also adds a typedef called "Superclass" to refer to
          the superclass of any VTK class.  All PrintSelf methods have been
          updated to call their superclass's PrintSelf like this:
          This should reduce the number of places that refer to a superclass
          by its actual name.
      3.) The standard ::New() method implementation has been replaced with a
          macro.  Instead of an explicitly written implementation to try the
          object factory and then call the new operator, VTK classes should
          instead use the following macro unless they have a special New() method:
          This will implement the New() method in the standard way.  The line
          should appear in the .cxx implementation file, not in the header.
          Using the macro will make it easier to change the standard
          implementation of the method.
      Also removed tabs from many files.
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      Still supporting 8 year old compilers · 2188555c
      Bill Hoffman authored
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