Commit fff9c3bb authored by Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar Marcus D. Hanwell

Fixed the install of chemical data files

The BODR data is needed at runtime, added install rule.

Change-Id: I1c7560799e2432acdf1fcb298e48f9ca63e22e4f
parent 36ad2819
......@@ -30,3 +30,6 @@ configure_file("${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/"
set(${vtk-module}_NO_HeaderTest 1) # TODO: Fix headers and enable test.
vtk_module_library(${vtk-module} ${Module_SRCS})
install(FILES elements.xml COPYING
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
#define __vtkDomainsChemistryConfigure_h
/* Where the Blue Obelisk Data Repository files are installed */
#define VTK_BODR_DATA_PATH_BUILD "@VTK_SOURCE_DIR@/Domains/Chemistry"
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