Commit 7e32d899 authored by T.J. Corona's avatar T.J. Corona

Fix a bug in vtkExodusIIReader when # of timesteps equals one.

parent 9206fc3d
......@@ -3822,7 +3822,9 @@ int vtkExodusIIReaderPrivate::UpdateTimeInformation()
num_timesteps = itmp[0];
if ( num_timesteps > 0 )
// If there are zero or one timesteps, then there is only one file containing
// the data to be read. So, we treat both instances in the same manner.
if ( num_timesteps > 1 )
this->Times.resize( num_timesteps );
VTK_EXO_FUNC( ex_get_all_times( this->Exoid, &this->Times[0] ), "Could not retrieve time values." );
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