Commit 6541525f authored by Ethan Stam's avatar Ethan Stam

Fix compilation warings for vtkXMLPHyperTreeGridReader

parent 48ab1936
......@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ void vtkXMLPHyperTreeGridReader::SetupEmptyOutput()
void vtkXMLPHyperTreeGridReader::SetupOutputInformation(vtkInformation* outInfo)
void vtkXMLPHyperTreeGridReader::SetupOutputInformation(vtkInformation* vtkNotUsed(outInfo))
if (this->InformationError)
......@@ -583,9 +583,6 @@ void vtkXMLPHyperTreeGridReader::RecursivelyProcessTree(
// Retrieve input grid
vtkHyperTreeGrid* input = inCursor->GetGrid();
// Retrieve output tree and set global index of output cursor
vtkHyperTree* outTree = outCursor->GetTree();
// Descend further into input trees only if cursor is not at leaf
if (!inCursor->IsLeaf())
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