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release process includes bumping the version number

The text is vague because occasionally we don't know exactly
what the next release will be called. For example, when we
think the next release will be a major update, but aren't
entirely certain.
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......@@ -61,6 +61,16 @@ Here are some places to look for patches:
- openSUSE
### Increment the Version Number
If the version number in CMake/vtkVersion.cmake is not already set accordingly,
submit a merge request to update VTK's version number in the master branch to
what the new release is to be called by. Any point beyond that in the master
branch could serve as the start of the new release branch.
After creating the release branch, submit another merge request to update the
master branch's minor version number.
### Creating the Branch
Pick a viable first-parent commit from master and run:
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