Commit 1790861f authored by Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar Utkarsh Ayachit

Make the trampoline code more robust & clean.

Previous version polluted the `vtkmodules` package by adding all
attributes from `vtkmodules.all` to it. This new version doesn't do
parent 24042283
"""This is the vtk module."""
import sys, importlib
vtkmodules = importlib.import_module("vtkmodules")
vtkmodules_all = importlib.import_module("vtkmodules.all")
# merge components from `all` to `vtkmodules` package.
for key in dir(vtkmodules_all):
if not hasattr(vtkmodules, key):
setattr(vtkmodules, key, getattr(vtkmodules_all, key))
# replace ourselves with the `vtkmodules` package. This is essential
# to ensure the importing of other modules/packages from `vtkmodules`
# works seamlessly when accessed via `vtk` pseudo-package.
sys.modules[__name__] = vtkmodules
import sys
if sys.version_info < (3,4):
# imp is deprecated in 3.4
import imp, importlib
# import vtkmodules package.
vtkmodules_m = importlib.import_module('vtkmodules')
# import vtkmodules.all
all_m = importlib.import_module('vtkmodules.all')
# create a clone of the `vtkmodules.all` module.
vtk_m = imp.new_module(__name__)
for key in dir(all_m):
if not hasattr(vtk_m, key):
setattr(vtk_m, key, getattr(all_m, key))
# make the clone of `vtkmodules.all` act as a package at the same location
# as vtkmodules. This ensures that importing modules from within the vtkmodules package
# continues to work.
vtk_m.__path__ = vtkmodules_m.__path__
# replace old `vtk` module with this new package.
sys.modules[__name__] = vtk_m
import importlib.util
# import vtkmodules.all
all_spec = importlib.util.find_spec('vtkmodules.all')
all_m = importlib.util.module_from_spec(all_spec)
# import vtkmodules
vtkmodules_spec = importlib.util.find_spec('vtkmodules')
vtkmodules_m = importlib.util.module_from_spec(vtkmodules_spec)
# make vtkmodules.all act as the vtkmodules package to support importing
# other modules from vtkmodules package via `vtk`.
all_m.__path__ = vtkmodules_m.__path__
del all_spec, vtkmodules_spec
# replace old `vtk` module with the `all` package.
sys.modules[__name__] = all_m
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