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    COMP: Add more C++11 override instrumentation · bcf798e7
    Hans Johnson authored
    Providing override key work allows for extra checking
    that the function signatures are correct.
    In the derived class the function is virtual by way of having the ¹same
    type as the base class function.
    However, an override can help avoid bugs by producing a compilation
    error when the intended override isn't technically an override. E.g.
    that the function type isn't exactly like the base class function. Or
    that a maintenance of the base class changes that function's type, e.g.
    adding a defaulted argument.
    In the same way, a virtual keyword in the derived class can make such a
    bug more subtle, by ensuring that the function is still virtual in
    further derived classes.
    The general advice is,
         -Use virtual for the base class function declaration.
          This is technically necessary.
         -Use override (only) for a derived class' override.
          This helps maintenance.
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