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    vtkTessellatorFilter: Warn and skip data arrays that exceed size limit · 243f1dd4
    T.J. Corona authored
    vtkTessellatorFilter uses vtkStreamingTessellator to tessellate datasets.
    In vtkStreamingTessellator, a compile-time limit
    "vtkStreamingTessellator::MaxFieldSize" restricts the number of field values
    that can be passed through the filter. When the aggregate number of field
    data components exceeded this limit, vtkEdgeSubdivisionCriterion would issue
    an error message, but the algorithm would proceed and then crash. This update
    modifies vtkEdgeSubdivisionCriterion::PassField to return a failure flag when
    the size limit has been reached (as the documentation for the method states it
    should). It also modifies vtkTessellatorFilter to skip attempting to copy data
    arrays that exceed this limit, instead warning that the arrays will be omitted
    from the result.
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