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    New extrusion filter extrudes to trim surface · a007b93d
    Will Schroeder authored
    This filter extrudes a generating polydata until it intersects
    a trim surface. Two inputs are required: the input generating
    polydata and the trim surface (also polydata). Options exist
    to control the capping process to produce the end cap at the average
    intersection distance, maximum intersection distance, minimum
    intersection distance, and as intersected.
    Further, vtkStaticCellLocator was not thread safe in its line
    intersection method, and the locator was not intersecting cells
    properly in all cases. The bin - line intersection traversal
    algorithm was confusing and non-optimal. Hence the commit
    also includes a rewrite of the intersection code to be thread
    safe and to use a more efficient bin/voxel traversal method.
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