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    Teach SourceTarball.bash to split source and data tarballs · bf5cf3cf
    Brad King authored
    Teach Utilities/Maintenance/SourceTarball.bash to generate separate
    archives for the source code, normal data, and large data.  Organize
    the archive layout so that they can all be extracted on top of one
    another.  Make the data archives extract into <prefix>/.ExternalData
    to appear as if the content came with the source tree.
    Add .ExternalData/README.rst to document the directory and indicate its
    existence.  Change the BUILD_TESTING default to OFF when the file is not
    present.  Teach SourceTarball.bash to leave this file out of the source
    tarball and put it in the normal data tarball.  With this approach
    users can download and build the source with or without the data and
    never hit the network for test data by default.
    Change-Id: I33007959c87ea60a9b11f49e5f7af351fc2ca9b7
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