1. 23 May, 2013 1 commit
  2. 22 May, 2013 8 commits
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      Merge topic 'ExternalData-default-store' into master · 94072480
      Brad King authored
      d7bf9e9a Add option VTK_DATA_STORE to specify ExternalData object store
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      Merge topic 'fix_ogg_support' into master · af6bd4ca
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      227749cb Cleanup OggTheora support.
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Cleanup OggTheora support. · 227749cb
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      There was no way to know if vtkIOMovie had OggTheora support enabled. Hence
      adding a vtkIOMovieConfigure file that has this configuration made available.
      Now when OggTheora support is available, vtkIOMovieConfigure.h defines
      Change-Id: I1efe54cb43f3ea09ab36a7bfa5a6a13d9b5c0593
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      Add option VTK_DATA_STORE to specify ExternalData object store · d7bf9e9a
      Brad King authored
      Replace the ExternalData_OBJECT_STORES cache entry with a VTK-specific
      name "VTK_DATA_STORE".  In the common use case there is only one store
      so make the option a "PATH" cache entry for easy handling in cmake-gui.
      In order to allow advanced users to configure multiple stores honor any
      ExternalData_OBJECT_STORES that is set but do not add the cache option
      by default.
      Select a default for VTK_DATA_STORE based on the results of local user
      configuration.  First, teach the SetupForDevelopment.sh script to run a
      SetupExternalData.sh script that prompts the developer for a default
      value.  Second, if no default was selected by developer setup, look for
      a VTKExternalData or ExternalData directory as a sibling to the source
      tree.  Third, if the previous two attempts failed, fall back to the
      environment variable ExternalData_OBJECT_STORES for advanced users.
      Change-Id: I964cb99aa204176010f27948a9bd40a00836532f
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      Merge topic 'use-ExternalData' into master · 5e95660b
      Brad King authored
      a731ca41 Teach Examples to use ExternalData
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      Teach Examples to use ExternalData · a731ca41
      Brad King authored
      Teach vtk_add_test_cxx and vtk_test_cxx_executable to work in
      Examples/*/Cxx directories when variable "vtk-example" is set and
      "vtk-module" is not set.  Convert Examples/*/Cxx/CMakeLists.txt to use
      these functions.  Populate Examples/*/Cxx/Baseline/ directories with
      ExternalData content links for example baseline images.
      Change-Id: Ic7d847a4561f5ed882b35e80c3ce98aa578ef7d3
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      Merge topic 'LODActor_LeakedObjects' into master · e613565b
      Brad King authored
      3f75b2a7 BUG: DebugLeaks detected leaked objects
    • Bill Lorensen's avatar
      BUG: DebugLeaks detected leaked objects · 3f75b2a7
      Bill Lorensen authored
      vtkLODActor failed to delete its mappers because of flawed logic.
      Change-Id: If796925ab899a2453b5247ae859172bbedd23372
  3. 21 May, 2013 10 commits
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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'pvvtk/pv-master' into HEAD · 20539fbf
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      * pvvtk/pv-master:
      Change-Id: I45f33e43d52b7de567aba18524a7669e63bbd8a1
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      Merge topic 'update_vtk' into pv-master · 77b0673c
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      443af9fa Merge branch 'Virtualize_Color_Methods-rel' into release
      293e5386 Make some color methods consistent.
      79a811b6 Merge branch '12994-xmlmultiblockwriter-improvements-rel' into release
      3a192370 BUG #12994. vtkXMLMultiBlockDataWriter not writing names for leaf nodes.
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Merge topic 'extract-boundaryonly-bug' into pv-master · fc0d605a
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      3299c70d Fixed wrongful logic for ExtractOnlyBoundaryCells in vtkExtractGeometry.
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      Merge branch 'use-ExternalData' into master · 05fcc851
      Brad King authored
      d0550e61 Teach Testing/External to use ExternalData
      Change-Id: Ica1368328775edde648a23bde44e19d14d5a5730
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      Teach Testing/External to use ExternalData · d0550e61
      Brad King authored
      Configure the ExternalData_SOURCE_ROOT to use the top of the VTK source
      tree.  Add the VTKData target to prepare referenced data when building
      the tests.  This completes the Testing/External changes started by
      commit 43f0b283 (Add ExternalData infrastructure, 2013-05-06).
      Change-Id: Icb16a5420ae895a1d85c0a9eb253bbc3ed2897b9
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      Merge branch 'use-ExternalData' into master · 32032f9d
      Brad King authored
      0b2e4d3b Add TestVRMLNormals baseline
      62926b2d Update TestGraphLayoutView baseline
      3d5b9534 Merge branch 'master' into use-ExternalData
      ce185b24 Add script to upload content-linked external data files to MIDAS
      0a1d19a9 vtkTestingMacros: Remove vtk_add_test_* baseline directory arguments
      c0b451a5 Add ExternalData content links to test baselines
      42baebf3 Use ExternalData to reference test baselines
      4362dcb5 vtkTestingMacros: Revert temporary data transform changes
      1d24c352 vtkTestingMacros: Temporarily remove baselines from VTKData
      9eca66db vtkTestingMacros: Temporarily copy baselines to source tree
      578c738f Merge branch 'cleanup-add_test-calls' into use-ExternalData
      050fd10e Mark non-baseline tests with NO_VALID option
      02f0a6d2 Use vtk_add_test_(python|tcl) where possible
      5b018861 Use vtk_add_test_cxx function
      ef7f0191 vtkTestingMacros: Remove vtk_tests macro
      954ca17c vtkTestingMacros: Simplify vtk_add_test_mpi signature
      dbb4c573 vtkTestingMacros: Add vtk_add_test_cxx function
      d45ec734 Factor vtkTestingRenderingDriver out of vtkTestingObjectFactory
      6f185233 vtkTestingMacros: Validate argument combinations more strictly
      e58d8029 vtkTestingMacros: Rename add_test_(mpi|python|tcl) with vtk_ prefix
      52b51415 vtkTestingMacros: Generalize add_test_(python|tcl)
      0e3f070e vtkTestingMacros: Remove unused code
      6943b707 Filters/Modeling: Fix sync3dAll.py valid image name
      43f0b283 Add ExternalData infrastructure
      a0172acd ExternalData: Remove compatibility with CMake < 2.8.5
      8bc7d03a Add ExternalData module
      Change-Id: I9fa6dccc795026b72c876c43b39f061da0245f08
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      Add TestVRMLNormals baseline · 0b2e4d3b
      Bill Lorensen authored
      Port the baseline image from the VTKData repository where it was just
      Change-Id: I7d78e2f43eda17e3b022e19b8389a667b7dfc0cb
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      Update TestGraphLayoutView baseline · 62926b2d
      Brad King authored
      Update the test baseline to match the test update by commit 8ee7cfbf
      (Initialize representation's scalar bar actors, 2012-12-06).
      Change-Id: Iba7659736e3741f952d0be12fdb320d49f740143
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      Merge branch 'master' into use-ExternalData · 3d5b9534
      Brad King authored
      Change-Id: I801cf85a4e75433399123f57200c5ad4a7e9abfc
    • Matt McCormick's avatar
      Add script to upload content-linked external data files to MIDAS · ce185b24
      Matt McCormick authored
      Port the Utilities/Maintenance/ArchiveTestingData.py from ITK to VTK.
      Add the VTK Community on the Kitware Midas server as a resource for
      downloading VTK ExternalData.  This improves robustness against failed
      connections with the Apache file server, protection against the other
      server going down, and a web interface to examine and download the
      individual files.
      Add a script to upload all files corresponding to the content links in
      the source tree to the Midas server.  Make the paths of the files mirror
      the content link location within the source tree.  Obtain the files from
      a local ExternalData object store.
      Change-Id: I2dc9234d3ab0499dc2196e68d2c967d9445e10d7
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