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Update the readme file for new wrapping capabilities.

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Notes on the Python Wrappers for VTK
First version by David Gobbi: Dec 19, 2002
Last update was on May 30, 2011.
Last update was on Dec 2, 2014
......@@ -93,6 +93,29 @@ module but sometimes as class attributes:
>>> vtk.vtkCommand.ErrorEvent
Each named enum type is wrapped as a new Python type, and members
of the enum are instances of that type. This allows type checking
for enum types:
>>> # works if given a constant of the correct enum type
>>> o.SetIntegrationMode(o.Continuous)
>>> # does not work, because "int" is not of the correct type
>>> o.SetIntegrationMode(10)
TypeError: SetIntegrationMode arg 1: expected enum EnumType, got int
Note that members of anonymous enums do not have a special type, and
are simply wrapped as python ints.
Namespaces are currently wrapped in a very limited manner: the only
namespace members that are wrapped are constants and enum types.
There is no wrapping of namespaced classes or functions, or of nested
namespaces. This is likely to be expanded upon when (or if) VTK begins
to make greater use of namespaces.
Unavailable methods
......@@ -104,8 +127,7 @@ A method is not wrapped if
2) it returns a pointer that is not a vtkObject pointer, char pointer,
or void pointer, unless the method has an entry in the wrapping
hints file -- again, vtkDataArray methods are an exception
3) its parameter list contains a named enum constant
4) it is an operator method (though many exceptions exist)
3) it is an operator method (though many exceptions exist)
Unavailable classes
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