Commit d5feacbb authored by Sean McBride's avatar Sean McBride

Fix possible null deref of ‘dsa’

Made similar to other already existing checks.

Change-Id: I609db5905bd8c5c2ec77bf46c888bbcf7d3f6226
parent 666d78c2
......@@ -736,8 +736,8 @@ int vtkConvertSelection::Convert(
// Handle the special case where we have a pedigree id selection with a domain array.
vtkStringArray* outputDomainArr = vtkStringArray::SafeDownCast(
vtkStringArray* outputDomainArr = dsa ? vtkStringArray::SafeDownCast(
dsa->GetAbstractArray("domain")) : 0;
if (this->OutputType == vtkSelectionNode::PEDIGREEIDS && outputDomainArr)
vtkAbstractArray* outputDataArr = dsa->GetPedigreeIds();
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