Commit c2578746 authored by Will Schroeder's avatar Will Schroeder Committed by Utkarsh Ayachit

Add guidelines for merge request logs.

We need more information from developers for new merge requests. This
adds guidelines that we can point them to, if needed.
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......@@ -228,6 +228,30 @@ Follow these steps:
7. Use the "**Submit merge request**" button to create the merge request
and visit its page.
Guidelines for Merge Requests
Remember to *motivate & summarize*. When creating a merge request, consider the
reviewers and future perusers of the software. Provide enough information to motivate
the merge request such as:
1. Is this merge request important and why?
2. If addressing an issue, which issue(s)?
3. If a new feature, why is it useful and/or necessary?
4. Are there background references or documentation?
Also provide a summary statement expressing what you did and if there is a choice
in implementation or design pattern, the rationale for choosing a certain path.
Notable software or data features should be mentioned as well.
A well written merge request will motivate your reviewers, and bring them up
to speed faster. Future software developers will be able to understand the
reasons why something was done, and possibly avoid chasing down dead ends,
Although it may take you a little more time to write a good merge request,
you’ll likely see payback in faster reviews and better understood and
maintainable software.
Review a Merge Request
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