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ENH: The functionality of vktParticleReader has been extended as follows:

1) Either ASCII text files or binary data files of particles can be read.
2) The file type is automatically detected (this can be overridden by the user).
3) A particle’s scalar value is now optional.
4) The data types that can be read are now float or double.
5) Progress updates are provided.
6) vtkSmartPointer is used.
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......@@ -12,16 +12,21 @@
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkParticleReader - Read raw particle data and one array.
// .NAME vtkParticleReader - Read ASCII or binary particle
// data and (optionally) one scalar
// value associated with each particle.
// .SECTION Description
// vtkParticleReader reads a raw file with particles. It supports
// random access into the file to read pieces. The format is:
// x, y, z, value (all floats). This class was developed with a
// specific file in mind, but may be made more general in the future.
// Here are a couple of features I am considering:
// any data types could be used,
// arbitrary list of arrays to read (extended to vectors as well),
// and time serries based on file names.
// vtkParticleReader reads either a binary or a text file of
// particles. Each particle can have associated with it an optional
// scalar value. So the format is format is: x, y, z, scalar
// (all floats or doubles). The text file can consist of a comma
// delimited set of values. In most cases vtkParticleReader can
// automatically determine whether the file is text or binary.
// The data can be either float or double.
// Progress updates are provided.
// With respect to binary files, random access into the file to read
// pieces is supported.
#ifndef __vtkParticleReader_h
#define __vtkParticleReader_h
......@@ -31,6 +36,7 @@
class VTK_IO_EXPORT vtkParticleReader : public vtkPolyDataAlgorithm
......@@ -54,7 +60,8 @@ public:
// As a quick note most UNIX machines are BigEndian while PC's
// and VAX tend to be LittleEndian. So if the file you are reading
// in was generated on a VAX or PC, SetDataByteOrderToLittleEndian
// otherwise SetDataByteOrderToBigEndian.
// otherwise SetDataByteOrderToBigEndian. Not used when reading
// text files.
void SetDataByteOrderToBigEndian();
void SetDataByteOrderToLittleEndian();
int GetDataByteOrder();
......@@ -63,24 +70,115 @@ public:
// Description:
// Set/Get the byte swapping to explicitly swap the bytes of a file.
// Not used when reading text files.
int GetSwapBytes() {return this->SwapBytes;}
// Description:
// Default: 1. If 1 then each particle has a value associated with it.
// Description:
// Get/Set the file type. The options are:
// - FILE_TYPE_IS_UNKNOWN (default) the class
// will attempt to determine the file type.
// If this fails then you should set the file type
// yourself.
// - FILE_TYPE_IS_TEXT the file type is text.
// - FILE_TYPE_IS_BINARY the file type is binary.
vtkGetMacro(FileType, int);
void SetFileTypeToUnknown() {this->SetFileType(FILE_TYPE_IS_UNKNOWN);}
void SetFileTypeToText() {this->SetFileType(FILE_TYPE_IS_TEXT);}
void SetFileTypeToBinary() {this->SetFileType(FILE_TYPE_IS_BINARY);}
// Description:
// Get/Set the data type. The options are:
// - VTK_FLOAT (default) single precision floating point.
// - VTK_DOUBLE double precision floating point.
vtkSetClampMacro(DataType, int, VTK_FLOAT, VTK_DOUBLE);
vtkGetMacro(DataType, int);
void SetDataTypeToFloat() {this->SetDataType(VTK_FLOAT);}
void SetDataTypeToDouble() {this->SetDataType(VTK_DOUBLE);}
void OpenFile();
char *FileName;
ifstream *File;
int SwapBytes;
unsigned long NumberOfPoints;
int RequestInformation(vtkInformation *, vtkInformationVector **, vtkInformationVector *);
int RequestData(vtkInformation *, vtkInformationVector **, vtkInformationVector *);
// Description:
// The format that will be read if the file is a text file is:
// x, y, z, s (where s is some scalar value associated with the particle).
// Each line corresponding to a particle is terminated with a line feed.
// If y, z, or s is missing, zero is substituted for them.
// Comment lines in the file are handled as follows:
// 1) Any line containing "//" "#" "%" anywhere in the line is discarded.
// 2) Lines containing "/*" are discarded until a "*/" is found. The line
// following the "*/" will be read.
int ProduceOutputFromTextFileDouble(vtkInformationVector *outputVector);
int ProduceOutputFromTextFileFloat(vtkInformationVector *outputVector);
// Description:
// This reader assumes that the file is binary and consists of floating
// point values by default.
int ProduceOutputFromBinaryFileDouble(vtkInformationVector *outputVector);
int ProduceOutputFromBinaryFileFloat(vtkInformationVector *outputVector);
// Description:
// Determine the type of file based on an analysis of its contents.
// Up to 5000 bytes of the file are read and classified. The classification
// of a file as either binary or text is based on the proportions of bytes in
// various classifications. The classification of the file is not infallible
// but should work correctly most of the time. If it fails, use SetFileTypeToText()
// or SetFileTypeToBinary() to set the file type.
// This algorithm probaably only identifies ASCII text correctly and will not
// work for UTF-8 UCS-2 (or UTF-16) or UCS-4 or EBCIDIC.
int DetermineFileType();
// Description:
// Update of the progress.
void DoProgressUpdate( size_t & bytesRead, size_t & fileLength );
// Description:
// Enumerate the supported file types.
// <pre>
// - FILE_TYPE_IS_UNKNOWN, (default) the class will attempt to determine the file type.
// - FILE_TYPE_IS_TEXT, the file type is text.
// - FILE_TYPE_IS_BINARY, the file type is binary.
// </pre>
int HasScalar;
// Used to decide which reader should be used.
int FileType;
// Used to specify the data type.
int DataType;
// Set an alliquot of bytes.
size_t alliquot;
// Count of the number of alliquots processed.
size_t count;
int SwapBytes;
size_t numberOfPoints;
vtkParticleReader(const vtkParticleReader&); // Not implemented.
void operator=(const vtkParticleReader&); // Not implemented.
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