Commit 78a8fb11 authored by Francois Bertel's avatar Francois Bertel
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COMP:Fixed wrong character

parent fc3f0ff9
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ IF (VTK_USE_DISPLAY)
CREATE_TEST_SOURCELIST(Tests ${KIT}CxxTests.cxx ${MyTests}
EXTRA_INCLUDE vtkSuppressCrtDbgWarning.h
FUNCTION vtkSuppressCrtDbgWarning)
ADD_EXECUTABLE(${KIT}CxxTests ${Tests} }
ADD_EXECUTABLE(${KIT}CxxTests ${Tests} )
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(${KIT}CxxTests vtkVolumeRendering)
SET (TestsToRun ${Tests})
REMOVE (TestsToRun ${KIT}CxxTests.cxx)
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