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Add commit log guidelines

Adding guidelines for commit logs. This is needed to ensure some
uniformity in commit logs for the project.
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* If your change modifies third party code, see [its
Guidelines for Commit logs
Remember to *motivate & summarize*. When writing commit logs, make sure
that there is enough information there for any developer to read and glean
relevant information such as:
1. Is this change important and why?
2. If addressing an issue, which issue(s)?
3. If a new feature, why is it useful and/or necessary?
4. Are there background references or documentation?
A short description of what the issue being addressed and how will go a long way
towards making the log more readable and the software more maintainable.
Style guidelines for commit logs are as follows:
1. Separate subject from body with a blank line
2. Limit the subject line to 60 characters
3. Capitalize the subject line
4. Use the imperative mood in the subject line e.g. "Refactor foo" or "Fix Issue #12322",
instead of "Refactoring foo", or "Fixing issue #12322".
5. Wrap the body at 80 characters
6. Use the body to explain `what` and `why` and if applicable a brief `how`.
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