Commit 5a623a62 authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi Committed by Ben Boeckel

Fix loading of templates into module dictionary.

For wrapped template specializations, the fully qualified name was
added to the module dictionary, e.g.,
instead of simply "name" by itself.

This patch also removes some obsolete code for handling old-style
classes, which were removed from the wrappers for Python3 and no
longer need to be supported.
parent 31a84613
......@@ -583,12 +583,9 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
" {\n"
" nt = ((PyTypeObject *)ot)->tp_name;\n"
" }\n"
" else if (PyCFunction_Check(ot))\n"
" {\n"
" nt = ((PyCFunctionObject *)ot)->m_ml->ml_name;\n"
" }\n"
" if (nt)\n"
" {\n"
" nt = vtkPythonUtil::StripModule(nt);\n"
" PyDict_SetItemString(dict, nt, ot);\n"
" }\n"
" }\n"
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