Commit 48341708 authored by Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar Utkarsh Ayachit
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Attempt to fix race condition.

There was a race condition in vtkDataEncoder when terminating all worker
threads. There was a potential that worker threads would terminate just before
the master thread started to wait for them to terminate. This patch addresses
that issue by ensure that no threads can terminate until the master thread
starts to wait for them.

Change-Id: I7c9b7571e03b7d19a30329403d5c4dbfc3c2ad3e
parent e79f3a3f
......@@ -116,14 +116,33 @@ namespace
void WaitForWorkersToEnd()
void RequestAndWaitForWorkersToEnd()
// Get the done lock so we other threads don't end up testing the Done
// flag and quitting before this thread starts to wait for them to quit.
this->Done = true;
// Grab the ThreadDoneLock. so even if any thread ends up check this->Done
// as soon as we release the lock, it won't get a chance to terminate.
// release the done lock. Let threads test for this->Done flag.
// Tell all workers that inputs are available, so they will try to check
// the input as well as the done flag.
// Now wait for thread to terminate releasing this->ThreadDoneLock as soon
// as we start waiting. Thus, no threads have got a chance to call
// EndWorker() till the main thread starts waiting for them.
// reset Done flag since all threads have died.
this->Done = false;
......@@ -134,14 +153,6 @@ namespace
return val;
void SetDone(bool val)
this->Done = val;
void PushAndTakeReference(vtkTypeUInt32 key, vtkImageData* &data,
......@@ -355,14 +366,12 @@ public:
void TerminateAllWorkers()
// now wait for all threads to close.
// request and wait for all threads to close.
void SpawnWorkers()
for (int cc=0; cc < MAX_NUMBER_OF_THREADS_IN_POOL; cc++)
this->Threader->SpawnThread(&Worker, &this->SharedData);
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