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VTK has a [buildbot]( instance watching for merge requests
to test. A developer must issue a command to buildbot to enable builds:
@buildbot test
Do: test
The buildbot user (@buildbot) will respond with a comment linking to the CDash
results when it schedules builds.
The `Do: test` command accepts the following arguments:
* `--oneshot`
only build the *current* hash of the branch; updates will not be built
using this command
* `--stop`
clear the list of commands for the merge request
* `--superbuild`
build the superbuilds related to the project
* `--clear`
clear previous commands before adding this command
* `--regex-include <arg>`
only build on builders matching `<arg>` (a Python regular expression)
* `--regex-exclude <arg>`
excludes builds on builders matching `<arg>` (a Python regular
Multiple `Do: test` commands may be given. Upon each update to the branch,
buildbot will reconsider all of the active commands to determine which builders
to schedule.
Builder names always follow this pattern:
* project: always `vtk` for vtk
* host: the buildbot host
* os: one of `windows`, `osx`, or `linux`
* libtype: `shared` or `static`
* buildtype: `release` or `debug`
* feature: alphabetical list of features enabled for the build
For a list of all builders, see:
* [vtk-expected](
* [vtk-superbuild](
* [vtk-experimental](
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