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Documentation: mention backport strategies

Both rebase and cherry-pick are the normal ways.
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......@@ -102,6 +102,20 @@ A reader should have a general idea of the feature or fix to be developed given
$ git checkout -b release-my-topic origin/release
If backporting a change, you may rebase the branch back onto
$ git checkout -b release-my-topic my-topic
$ git rebase --onto origin/release origin/master
Alternatively, for more targeted or aggregate backports, use the `-x` flag
when performing `git cherry-pick` so that a reference to the original
commit is added to the commit message:
$ git checkout -b release-my-topic origin/release
$ git cherry-pick -x $hash_a $hash_b $hash_c
$ git cherry-pick -x $hash_d $hash_e $hash_f
3. Edit files and create commits (repeat as needed):
$ edit file1 file2 file3
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