Commit 2d3ecda0 authored by Dave DeMarle's avatar Dave DeMarle
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bug#0014200 fix incorrect text scaling

per bug 142000.
Thanks Steffen Salbert for the patch

Change-Id: I592f14616a217b2d5a3403573b14c491e49b143f
parent efb1793c
......@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ void vtkAxisActor2D::BuildAxis(vtkViewport *viewport)
double *xp1, *xp2, len=0.0;
if ( this->SizeFontRelativeToAxis )
xp1 = this->PositionCoordinate->GetComputedDoubleDisplayValue(viewport);
xp1 = this->PositionCoordinate->GetComputedDoubleViewportValue(viewport);
xp2 = this->Position2Coordinate->GetComputedDoubleViewportValue(viewport);
len = sqrt((xp2[0]-xp1[0])*(xp2[0]-xp1[0]) + (xp2[1]-xp1[1])*(xp2[1]-xp1[1]));
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