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    KWSys 2014-08-11 (32023afd) · 74e31927
    Kitware Robot authored
    Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell commands.
    $ git archive --prefix=upstream-kwsys/ 32023afd | tar x
    $ git shortlog --no-merges --abbrev=8 --format='%h %s' dd873734..32023afd
    Ben Boeckel (26):
          ef3bfa01 c_str: Don't use .c_str() when streaming strings
          9c165368 Glob: Use string comparisons if you have them ready
          53ba0bc6 containers: Use .empty() instead of .size() where possible
          6cbb57ac strings: Use string methods instead of size calculations
          e53596b7 RegularExpression: Add string overloads
          aec9de6a CommandLineArguments: Push the string back, not its C string
          1d531416 Glob: Accept a string in Glob::AddFile
          81f5e0a8 Glob: Accept a string in Glob::AddExpression
          d40c2706 SystemTools: Remove redundant if guards
          c1296f4a SystemTools: Defer computing length until after a .empty() check
          7ffb7106 SystemTools: Use the iterator constructor for strings
          29e3b1d8 SystemTools: Use .rfind('/') rather than .find_last_of("/")
          5eb3a65c SystemTools: Don't construct a string just for its length
          b07b5fc1 SystemTools: Take a string in GetShortPath
          153f6df7 SystemTools: Use strings in ComparePath
          2c2f6604 SystemTools: Accept strings in IsSubDirectory
          84db9ee5 SystemTools: Take strings in AddTranslationPath
          4b409aa4 SystemTools: Take strings in SplitPath
          d2dbff07 SystemTools: Take strings in CollapseFullPath
          e9204f8f SystemTools: Take strings in AddKeepPath
          3254681a SystemTools: Reserve memory in JoinPath
          6074f33f SystemTools: Use static strings in SystemToolsAppendComponents
          9927862c SystemTools: more string replacements
          b3d598b0 strings: remove unnecessary c_str calls
          ffe94132 SystemTools: use char instead of const char*
          f29fec7c Directory: accept strings in methods
    Bob E (1):
          697b1401 SystemInformation: No SA_RESTART on QNX
    Brad King (7):
          39f98b5d Encoding: Add self-assignment check to CommandLineArguments
          1979c02d hashtable: Poison operator= on internal node type
          f3a36760 SystemInformation: Include backtrace APIs whenever we use them
          2e00d252 SystemTools: Port cygwin path conversion to modern API
          c282e64f Process: Workaround child kill trouble on Cygwin
          4791701a SystemTools: Remove ConvertWindowsCommandLineToUnixArguments method
          4d526097 Add assert() to quiet Clang scan-build warnings
    Christian Svensson (1):
          32023afd CPU: Add support for OpenRISC 1000
    Chuck Atkins (3):
          e4bba930 Directory: Make sure the /* suffix uses correct slashes
          97817ce7 SystemTools: Refactor test file and directory locations
          8f991ab0 SystemTools: Use extended paths on Windows for > 256 length
    Clinton Stimpson (2):
          c2a329ce Encoding: Fixes uses of stat() on Windows to work with unicode.
          65b36ede Encoding: Fix testProcess to work with unicode paths.
    Gerhard Grimm (1):
          fa86f1ba SystemInformation: Fix HP-UX PA-RISC processor detection
    Jiri Malak (1):
          36982798 SystemTools: add Watcom single Quote processing
    Rashad M (1):
          e787837a SharedForward: Cast away const to call execvp on MinGW 64-bit
    Rolf Eike Beer (3):
          a8aa1014 SystemInformation: Fix HP-UX Intel processor detection
          a99a9235 set the compile flags for older HP compilers to fix compilation
          8b085635 MD5: avoid casting back and forth between size_t and int
    Steve Dougherty (1):
          5f28a52b Terminal: Fix spelling of 'definitely' in comments
    Change-Id: I766fc25a92cf9151c249a7569f018ff49f904480
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