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    KWSys 2016-11-03 (37306a1c) · 62b9eb5b
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    at commit 37306a1c73e991e239f32bfc8eda98ba2d1c149a (master).
    Upstream Shortlog
    Ben Boeckel (1):
          6d23dd7e SystemTools: add a PathExists method
    Brad King (13):
          e43689db SystemTools: Factor out environment storage class
          2aa7dd82 SystemTools: Do not free buffer passed to putenv("A=") on Windows
          560bcdbb SystemTools: Factor out common `const char* GetEnv()` private implementation
          8e643b9b SystemTools: Fix crash in GetShortPath
          e736efa1 ConsoleBuf: Always compile test source for host Windows version
          0504dcaf SystemTools: Fix path comparison in test case
          c4049689 SystemTools: Teach GetActualCaseForPath to convert as much as possible
          66cd1138 ConsoleBuf: Avoid unnecessary initializations in test code
          4e6c9410 ConsoleBuf: Remove extra flush operations from test code
          80f820fc ConsoleBuf: Avoid use of __FUNCTION__ in tests
          6cfcbede SystemTools: Include strings.h on MinGW for strcasecmp
          dfe9b386 SystemTools: Re-implement Strucmp
          37306a1c FStream: Quiet unused argument warning
    Dāvis Mosāns (15):
          19c31914 SystemTools: Abstract environment storage character type
          61301786 SystemTools: Tweak GetEnv/PutEnv implementation layout
          85920d53 SystemTools: Teach GetEnv/PutEnv to use correct encoding on Windows
          f396bf43 SystemTools: Add HasEnv function
          19732229 SystemTools: User better GetEnv and HasEnv signatures
          d2cdfc6d FStream: Use common base for basic_ifstream and basic_ofstream
          9d1dbd95 FStream: Add MinGW support
          669e3a06 ConsoleBuf: Use a custom std::streambuf for console output on Windows
          f53440fe ConsoleBuf: Improve test error messages
          fd9e86e8 ConsoleBuf: Use two separate events for test sync
          fb8530ed ConsoleBuf: Make test more reliable
          c49ddccb ConsoleBuf: Fix test registry restoration
          10e3f947 ConsoleBuf: Fix test to compare all bytes of wide character strings
          3f69ac40 ConsoleBuf: Output console and test buffers on test failure
          b630d2f5 ConsoleBuf: Check for actual console with GetConsoleMode
    James Johnston (1):
          1c147abb Directory: Use Windows API wherever possible and port to Embarcadero
    Patrick Welche (3):
          8a989b44 SystemInformation: Treat BSDs more uniformly
          2ce319a6 SystemInformation: Treat Solaris the same as Linux
          3f55579d SystemTools: Fix FileExists for some SCO OpenServer file permissions
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