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    KWSys 2013-11-21 (1010d0e3) · 43c38a73
    Kitware Robot authored
    Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell commands.
    $ git archive --prefix=upstream-kwsys/ 1010d0e3 | tar x
    $ git shortlog --no-merges --abbrev=8 --format='%h %s' f67bb2ba..1010d0e3
    Brad King (2):
          ace1364c Encoding: Remove unused include
          1010d0e3 SystemTools: Avoid unused function warnings
    Clinton Stimpson (4):
          0c2ff1f7 Encoding: Add Encoding module.
          8abbad82 FStream: Add FStream module.
          0a98de97 KWSys: Port to use wide character Windows APIs throughout.
          2b0c683d Encoding: Default to ANSI code page on Windows
    Sean McBride (1):
          a40b9263 SystemInformation: Work around gcc -Wliteral-suffix warning
    Change-Id: Ieaf3a5c6e8410b4a1d61a3100915b1343286a921
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