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    KWSys 2013-01-14 (6fa1c99f) · 2d22591e
    Kitware Robot authored
    Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell commands.
    $ git archive --prefix=upstream-kwsys/ 6fa1c99f | tar x
    $ git shortlog --no-merges --abbrev=8 --format='%h %s' 3b17de34..6fa1c99f
    Brad King (6):
          fea37696 Process: Remove support for Windows 98
          01e15c22 Remove KWSys Registry
          cb5f835f SystemTools: Fix MakeDirectory with colon in path
          1643507a IOStream: Fix check for compiler 'long long' support
          34177aec SystemTools: Fix MakeDirectory after recent cleanup
          84827cc1 Process: Avoid argv[0]==NULL from parsing empty command line
    Riku Voipio (1):
          8ce09af5 CPU: Add Aarch64 support
    Rolf Eike Beer (45):
          f376ec32 SystemInformation: fix typos
          bfee5174 SystemInformation: sum up all caches found in /proc/cpuinfo
          5690d711 SystemInformation: fix value extraction from /proc/cpuinfo
          36295981 SystemInformation: PA-RISC chips are from HP
          72e9d02e SystemInformation: try harder to find a useful processor name
          b39de34c SystemInformation: try harder to find the CPU family
          933eb822 SystemInformation: extract CPU stepping information from /proc/cpuinfo, too
          4da9894d SystemInformation: Clean up QuerySolarisInfo()
          01392358 SystemInformation: don't attribute i386 Solaris systems to Sun
          3db65ac1 SystemInformation: wrap the call to CPUID in a function
          61bd9b42 SystemInformation: use the __cpuid compiler intrinsic if present
          5932e7c0 SystemInformation: query memory size on Cygwin using sysconf()
          ea5612ed SystemInformation: count memory with _SC_PAGESIZE and _SC_PHYS_PAGES
          3aca6642 SystemInformation: query memory size, CPU count, and CPU speed on BSD
          3572c54d SystemInformation: count CPUs on HP-UX
          e6771b34 SystemInformation: determine CPU type on HP-UX
          640210e5 SystemInformation: use /proc/cpuinfo only when present
          5bdcfd10 SystemInformation: query total memory on AIX
          de69d547 SystemInformation: use intrinsic for RDTSC if supported
          9808d4e7 SystemInformation: get CPU speed on Windows when RDTSC fails
          f4c625b5 tests: avoid truncation of testSystemInformation output in CDash
          03d6fbe5 SystemInformation: get x86 CPU features from /proc/cpuinfo
          f8e917c1 SystemInformation: remove the #define CPUID_INSTRUCTION
          59c4b5c5 SystemInformation: split Windows code out of QueryMemory()
          200ee91f SystemInformation: split HP-UX code out of QueryMemory()
          88217703 SystemInformation: split Linux code out of QueryMemory()
          9e317872 SystemInformation: split AIX code out of QueryMemory()
          349cee5b SystemInformation: remove useless zeroing from QueryMemory()
          7271926e SystemInformation: split Cygwin code out of QueryMemory()
          6da78ad1 SystemInformation: make QueryMemory() return bool
          182179e9 Haiku no longer defines __BEOS__
          297758a5 SystemInformation: fix conversion warning
          79ef34ef SystemInformation: fix calling kwsysProcess_WaitForData()
          f1068caf SystemInformation: speed up copying process data
          e041cd66 SystemInformation: factor out QueryMemoryBySysconf()
          ea850fa0 SystemInformation: factor out QueryProcessorBySysconf()
          57f06d49 SystemInformation: count processors with sysconf() on Solaris
          7dfc27d5 SystemInformation: check CPU vendor and SSE support on OpenBSD
          494d9d7a SystemInformation: get stepping code on Intel Macs
          608d6b47 SystemInformation: determine processor features on Intel Macs
          c6057a06 SystemInformation: fix "Multi-character character constant"
          5a27bd4f SystemInformation: make IsHyperThreadingSupported() return bool
          342c0ad2 SystemInformation: query memory size with sysconf() on Solaris
          f0b857c1 SystemInformation: cache result of IsHyperThreadingSupported()
          ab0c2a09 SystemInformation: try using assembler with BorlandC
    Sean McBride (2):
          5e17bfde Process: Dereference NULL++ instead of NULL to force crash
          86a78cb7 SystemTools: Add check for empty strings to prevent integer underflow
    Stephen Kelly (1):
          247b8a3c SystemTools: Rename MakeCnidentifier() to MakeCidentifier()
    Change-Id: I6376d94b490a0f4c351940f708b1098acd5e1653
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