Commit 6ec76a55 authored by Scott Wittenburg's avatar Scott Wittenburg
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vtkViewLayout: Fix stereo in cave/tile displays

(cherry picked from commit 9c4e9601)
parent 18eab360
......@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ void vtkViewLayout::Paint(vtkViewport* vp)
auto renWin = vtkOpenGLRenderWindow::SafeDownCast(item.View->GetRenderWindow());
const int* size = renWin->GetActualSize();
if (auto fbo = renWin ? renWin->GetRenderFramebuffer() : nullptr)
if (auto fbo = renWin ? renWin->GetDisplayFramebuffer() : nullptr)
vtkVLogF(PARAVIEW_LOG_RENDERING_VERBOSITY(), "paste back results from `%s`",
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