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      FindJava: Update check to avoid accepting macOS stub 'java' as Java · e8051b1f
      Brad King authored
      Since commit dd378258 (FindJava: Do not accept OS X stub 'java' as
      Java, 2014-10-24, v3.1.0-rc3~29^2) we try to avoid using the macOS
      `/usr/bin/java` stub if no underlying implementation of Java is actually
      installed.  However, the message that `/usr/bin/java` prints when there
      is no Java available has changed since then.  Update our check to also
      look for the new message.
      While at it, revise the way we suppress `Java_JAVA_EXECUTABLE`.
      Previously we set its cache entry to `Java_JAVA_EXECUTABLE-NOTFOUND`,
      but that would cause the same find-and-reject sequence to be followed
      every time CMake runs in a build tree.  Instead, use the approach from
      commit 2c0db404 (FindSubversion: Do not accept macOS stub without
      Xcode implementation, 2020-05-28, v3.18.0-rc1~67^2).  Leave the cache
      entry alone and just set a normal variable of the same name to hide it.