Commit 6107fab4 authored by Domen Vrankar's avatar Domen Vrankar Committed by Brad King
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CPack/Deb: Fix test to actually test the preinst script

The test regex variable name was invalid and did not test preinst
Reported-by: mail6543210's avatarPatrick <>
parent 302391ba
......@@ -6,13 +6,13 @@ set(foo_prerm_permissions_regex "-rwxr-xr-x\.? .*")
verifyDebControl("${FOUND_FILE_1}" "foo" "preinst;prerm")
set(bar_preinst "^echo bar_preinst$")
set(bar_prerm_permissions_regex "-rwx------\.? .*")
set(bar_preinst_permissions_regex "-rwx------\.? .*")
set(bar_prerm "^echo bar_prerm$")
set(bar_prerm_permissions_regex "-rwx------\.? .*")
verifyDebControl("${FOUND_FILE_2}" "bar" "preinst;prerm")
set(bas_preinst "^echo default_preinst$")
set(bas_prerm_permissions_regex "-rwxr-xr-x\.? .*")
set(bas_preinst_permissions_regex "-rwxr-xr-x\.? .*")
set(bas_prerm "^echo default_prerm$")
set(bas_prerm_permissions_regex "-rwxr-xr-x\.? .*")
verifyDebControl("${FOUND_FILE_3}" "bas" "preinst;prerm")
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