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# tangelo-site
Tangelo website
# The Tangelo Website
This repository contains the source code for the Tangelo website, including
infrastructure for showing Tangelo demos. The site is technically a [Tangelo
application]( that serves an ``index.html``
at its root. This allows the demos to show off features of Tangelo directly.
To build the site, first do ``npm install`` in the root of the repository,
followed by ``grunt``. If all goes well, the Tangelo site will wind up in
To serve the site, use the ``serve`` script in the root of the repository as
$ ./serve
serves the site at ``localhost``, port 8080.
$ ./serve 10000
serves it at ``localhost``, port 10000. Finally,
$ ./serve 8000
will serve it on ``localhost`` at port 8000, but the application will listen on
all interfaces, exposing the site on any domain names ``localhost`` is known as
on the local network.
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